Veterans Day

[This is a paraphrased quote that I may not have remembered exactly right and includes a lengthy explanation]

Words of Wisdom from a 5 year old last Saturday afternoon while pretending to use toy binoculars to see FAR away: “I can see Indians fighting in Africa and Miss Sally’s dad is fighting in Africa and got a hole in his leg so he had to swim back from Africa all the way to Kelley’s Island with a hole in his leg, but he didn’t die.”

After speaking to her teacher, we learned that they talked about Veterans Day in pre-school on Friday. Her teacher’s father is a WWII Veteran who was injured while serving in Africa, so he had to come all the way back across the ocean (thankfully they didn’t force him to swim that span — that part was just a five year old’s mind filling in the holes).  They apparently also recently talked about the first Thanksgiving and the native Americans — and somewhere in there, Kelley’s Island was discussed, but I am not sure how that fit in.  In a 5 year old mind – these were all part of the same sequence of events which ultimately proved to her teacher that she was paying close attention!

That ‘mystery’ figured out, even being a few days late, Kassidy and family would like to give our prayers to all the Veterans who fought and died for our freedom — and offer sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to both war-time and peace-time servicemen for their personal sacrifices and commitment.  God Bless You and God Bless the USA!

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