Grandma Touche

Words of Wisdom from an 8 year old last night while bragging about her recent Cedar Point roller coaster conquests, immediately after her very first ride on Magnum XL-200.  I told her that I rode that coaster in 1989 two years before Sissy (24 year old big sister Kelsey) was born.  Her retort: “Yeah you didn’t ride it sooner because Grandma wouldn’t LET you!”

2 thoughts on “Grandma Touche

  1. Just to be fair, while it IS TRUE that my mother wouldn’t allow me to ride any coasters when I was young, 1989 was THE YEAR that Magnum opened at Cedar Point. But my daughter didn’t know that and she really did a good job at trying to get a jab at me with that comment! 😉 (Had Magnum opened in 1979, I would NOT have been allowed to ride it).

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