Root Flavors

Words of Wisdom from an 8 year old at dinner last night. Mommy had root beer to drink which the 8 year old had never had to drink before. The 8 year old asked if it was good, but was very reluctant to taste it from a teaspoon when offered.  After much coaxing she finally licked the spoon, smiled, and said: “Oh!  It actually tastes just like root beer suckers!”

Sherlock Holmes Depot

Words of Wisdom from a 7 year old at The Home Depot store after Mommy said “It’s elementary, my dear Watson” in explaining part of our latest home repair project to her: “Did you just call me Aunt Wanza?!?”

For those not in the know, our seven year old has a great aunt in Colorado named Wanza who she just met for the first time in May.  I found this photo on Aunt Wanza’s Facebook page.  Not of them “together” but a nice shot of Wanza and Kassidy in the same photo!