These quotes represent the Words of Wisdom of a sometimes confused (but often very wise and insightful) little girl, trying to understand and express herself in our adult world.

In the fall of 2009, I began keeping track of different/funny things that my then 3 year old daughter said in various situations. This collection will someday make her laugh (I hope). Because she wasn’t yet old enough to appreciate the humor herself, I began sharing her comments with my family and friends through Facebook status updates.  If I wasn’t near my computer or cell phone, I tried to write things down as soon as posible after she spoke her wisdom to make sure I retained all the exact wording.

Sharing on Facebook was great, but those Words of Wisdom status updates were often lost among the other unrelated status updates, Facebook comments, and wall posts.  This made it difficult to find past Words of Wisdom. So I ultimately created an independent web site to keep all of the Words of Wisdom in one convenient place.  The most recent Words of Wisdom are on the front page while the old favorites are linked in the archives.  I invite you to scroll through the entire list if you have the time, or read a few and bookmark the page to return later.

As she’s aged into the upper single digits and her vocabulary increases, I find that she experiences less instances of misunderstandings and mis-pronunciation, resulting in fewer posts of that nature.  But as she gets older she’s also growing more curious and starting to demonstrate critical thought.  So I still expect quite a few zingers from her now and then!

My daughter drew the site’s rainbow background early in her year as a five year old. She did this on her own after learning the specific colors of the rainbow in pre-school. It may be a stereotype, but with little girls it is often about rainbows and unicorns.  One is much easier for a five year old to draw! She was very proud of her artwork (as was I), so we both share it with you.

I found the banner artwork image online a number of years ago when my daughter was maybe about 2 or 3. I was quite startled the first time I saw it because the little girl sitting on Jesus’ lap bore a striking resemblance to my own daughter at the time, so it felt right to put that image here. I do not know the original artist or source.  If anyone recognizes it, please let me know. I would prefer to give credit to that artist if possible.

Please enjoy these Words of Wisdom and pay close attention to the wise and funny things that come from the mouths of your own children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or other special little ones in your life. They truly do have a lot to say!  But similar to the tree that falls in the forest, it doesn’t make a sound if nobody is there to hear it.  We only hear what our little ones say if we listen closely.  If no one is there to hear it (and quickly write it down), the Words of Wisdom might as well have never been uttered.